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Interior/Exterior Painting

Economical and effective, you see the most dramatic results by applying paint to both old and new construction. More than 50% of time budgeted for the interior/exterior work is dedicated to surface preparation.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Fire wreaks havoc on buildings so applying a fire retardant or intumescent coating can provide protection by creating a barrier between the structure and the fire.

Graffiti Removal & Prevention

In the unfortunate event that your building has been graffitied we can remove it and apply a protective anti-graffiti coating. If your building is clad in brick or stucco, you might want to consider applying the anti-graffiti coating as a preventative measure.

Wall Coverings

There are situations where painting the surface won’t suffice. Whether it’s a specification that needs to be met in an industrial, institutional or commercial application, GTA Commercial will remove and/or install a wide variety of wall coverings to the suit the situation.

Surface Blasting & Cleaning

Whether you’re application is industrial, institutional or commercial, our team uses the appropriate blasting material and equipment in order to prepare the surface at hand. We are able to clean, roughen, harden, polish or deburr in a controlled manner and recycle or reclaim the blast media.

Epoxy Floor Systems

Ideal for industrial, commercial and medical sectors, epoxy flooring creates a seamless resinous floor. Key to the successful application is surface preparation, low humidity conditions, quality substrate, proper priming, cleaning and the correct preparation of the resin and hardener..

Pipe Colour Coding

For safety reasons, many industries require pipe identification using standard colour coding to denote the contents. We apply the correct coatings using ASTM pipe identification standards.

Floor Abrading

Without adequate preparation of surfaces, you won’t achieve the desired results. Ensure the expense of the floor system you choose is worthwhile with our dedicated and knowledgeable team to prepare your floor surface with the

Floor Lines & Markings

sed to delineate space or colour code areas for easy identification, GTA Commercial Painting technical know-how and experience in floor lines and markings are backed by our guarantee of lasting results against wear and abrasion.